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REFL-RMC01- Microphone Cable- D=6.50 mm

The RMC01 is a microphone cable in color black, used as Microphone cable, Patch cable, XLR extension cable, Line cable and Intercom connections

Product Description

The RMC01 is a microphone cable.
Typical Applications : Microphone cable, Patch cable, XLR extension cable, Line cable, Intercom connections
It features high density shields providing superior hum and RFI rejection figures. The special formula used for the jackets materials guarantees an outstanding flexibility even under critical conditions, like during on-location recording and live events.

Product Features:

  • Total number of conductors: 2
  • Outer jacket material: Superflex PVC
  • Insulation material: PE + cotton fillers
  • Outer shield type: Double lap 100% (red copper)
  • AWG: 20
  • Conductor material: Red copper
  • Operating temperature range: -30 / +70 Deg. Celsius
  • Overall diameter: 6.50 mm
  • Weight: 50 Kg/Km
  • Capacit. Cond./Cond.: 56 pF/m
  • Capacit. Cond./Shield: 96 pF/m
  • Conductor DC resistance: 36.4 Ohm/Km
  • Shield DC resistance: 30 Ohm/Km
  • Inductance: 0.6 mH/Km
  • Impedance: 90 Ohm
  • Insulation resistance > 8000 Mohm*Km

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