The Gärten

- Beirut, Lebanon

The Gärten, outdoor club in Lebanon, using MADRIX for LED Pixel Mapping of the full “temple” skeleton

Client: The Gärten

Date & Location: 2017, Lebanon - Beirut Central District

The Gärten, one of the leading electronic music clubs in the Middle East, needed to map the full metal structure coined "the temple" with LED pixels individually controlled.

Over 1 kilometer of LED tubes (LED studios) was used to outline the arches of the club. They were controlled with the MADRIX software, the ultimate control for pixel mapping setups.

16 MADRIX Luna 16 Art-Net nodes were used to ensure proper efficient distribution of signal without losses. The MADRIX Ultimate license, capable of 131,072 DMX channels, was used to control the full system.

Main equipment used :

Madrix Luna 16

Madrix Key - Ultimate 

- LED tubes, from LED Studios 


Showroom opens from
Monday to Friday
8:30am until 5:30pm,
8:30am until 1pm,
Adonis-Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon