The Gärten partners with Prolites for its LED pixel mapping solution with MADRIX

The Gärten, one of the leading electronic music clubs in the Middle East, opened its summer edition on May 27, 2017 in Beirut central district.
After the huge success of the club with its round platonic shape, Nemer Saliba (Club's owner) started thinking of the upcoming structure that will boost his location's capacities. "The temple" was his next move, but in order to fulfill his vision for the lighting system through the whole pyramidal structure he needed to have full control over all the LED strips and pixels that will project the designed simulation and live shows.
For this, Prolites had the solution with Madrix, the ultimate control for complex pixel mapping set ups. By placing 16 MADRIX Luna 16 powered by the MADRIX Ultimate in charge of over 1 kilometer of pixel controlled LED tubes, from LED Studios, Prolites achieved the owner's vision.
The partnership between creativity and Madrix solution resulted into wowing the nearly 2000 people that attended the opening night.
Nemer described the solution as "out of this world " as for Samer, the lighting designer and operator at The Gärten, he said: “Madrix gave me unparalleled control over the LED’s, it is the perfect tool to unleash my imagination”.
The Gärten joins a series of top club venues that Prolites and its sister company Procom in Dubai have supplied across the Middle East. Prolites not only supplies products, but also cares in offering full support in technical design and commissioning of the system, as well as after sales support.
Prolites being the official distributor of Madrix, trusts the efficiency that this range of software and hardware products can provide to its users. It is the perfect tool to manage any entertainment project by creating stunning lighting effects. With MADRIX, you will quickly produce extraordinary results and amaze your audience every single time.
Stay tuned for an upcoming seminar on MADRIX!

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